IMG_0561Algarve-Offroad has chosen again for Husaberg enduro bikes.
The new engine lay-out and placement has redefined the way of thinking about riding a dirt-bike.

The Berg’s new engine puts the engine masses closer to the bike’s central point of gravity. The result is a bike that feels like a lighter two-stroke because of the reduced gyroscopic forces when on the move.
Their excellent quality, state of the art technology and last but not least, their reliability.

Some history
When, in 1987, Italian Cagiva took over Husquvarna, the Swedish engineers decided to design a completely new bike: Husaberg was born. Limited funds boosted ingenuity and a rather unusual bike saw the light.
Mid 90’s KTM was shopping around for new 4-stroke technology and decided to buy Husaberg. Fabrication of the bikes was brought over to Mattighoven, Austria. The development department stayed in Sweden .

KTM used quite a lot of the Husaberg engine design for their EXC models that were launched in 2000. Even until today many KTM part numbers can be found in the Husaberg parts manual. By the way, did you know that Husaberg came up with the “ready to race” slogan?
(with thanks to Wickipedia, the online encyclopaedia)

Husabergs are finished with A-brands like: WP suspension, Twinair airfilters, Magura handlebars, DID wheel rims, Brembo brakes, keihin injection.

Algarve-Offroad has added a few extras: sump plate, Bark busters, Socks for the front suspension. In order to keep our motorbikes in top condition we don’t skimp on maintenance. At the beginning of each week every motorbike is given a new rear tyre, clean oil and new filters and anything else necessary to keep the bikes “as new”.