1. Registration, Confirmation
Registration for the journey in writing (letter, fax) or e-mail. Only after a written confirmation by us (or one of our representatives), the travel Agreement. Bookings by e-mail is a written confirmation from the customer.

2. Payment
Immediately after the conclusion of the contract (receipt of the booking confirmation) should be made a deposit of 10% of the tour price. The remaining amount is due 3 weeks before the start of the journey through the travel agency have been received.

3. Care and prices
When to deviate from the treatment described in our brochure, you will immediately be informed. Changes to the routes described are not considered changes in care, especially if they derive from a decision of the majority of the tour participants.Mistakes and printing errors, and program and price changes (the latter especially for price-post accommodation, fuel, equipment, etc.) are expressly reserved

4. Cancellation / rebooking by the customer
The customer may at any time before the start of the journey through a written
Declaration of the journey occurred. Here is the receipt of the resignation statement
by the tour operator shall prevail. When the customer enters the return trip, the
tour operator charges predetermined withdrawal request. The breakdown was as follows
based on the holiday price is calculated:

up to 6 weeks before the start of the trip: 10% of the total amount
up to 4 weeks before the start of the trip: 25% of the total amount
until 2 weeks before the start of the trip: 50% of the total amount
until 1 week before the start of the trip: 75% of the total amount
less than 7 days before the start of the trip: 100% of the total amount
Until the beginning of the journey, the customer can place even to third parties. At no extra charge.

4. Withdrawal by the tour operator
Until three weeks before the start of the journey, we can withdraw from the travel contract if:-the minimum number of participants is not reached, the case of force majeure such as extreme weather, strikes or other unforeseeable events which travel endanger or dramatically. We also reserve the right to abort a trip when the above conditions is unenforceable. Individual participants can undisciplined, dangerous or disruptive conduct of the trip without reimbursement from the group excluded.

5. Liability
The tour operator is under his responsibility as a good merchant is responsible for a conscientious planning the trip and the required delivery of the contracted travel services. The tour operator is not liable for:
• Deliveries / performance of third parties of any kind (eg diving, paragliding, mountain biking, etc.). Here the provisions of the respective organizer.
• Accidents during the trip. This form of travel every customer is responsible for his or her actions and especially for his or her driving style and to assess their own skills.
• Damage or theft of luggage or valuables

6. Cooperation obligations
The customer is obliged to common problems, to help resolve the problem and possible damage as limited as possible. The client is particularly obliged to concerns / complaints immediately to the tour operator to notify. If defects are deliberately not reported within one month written, they shall forfeit any claim to compensation.

7. Requirements
The customer is responsible for fulfilling the requirements for passports, visas, import / customs, currency and health.

8. Rental Vehicles
The customer is obliged to hire vehicles to be treated carefully and properly used.When the vehicle during the tour so damaged that this injury is not physically be repaired, the customer may therefore not entitled to a reimbursement of travel cost, regardless of whether the client or not to blame for the emergence of the damage.The tour operator will be in such a situation, however, try to as soon as a replacement vehicle to make available.

9. Legal Notice
By registering for the trip, the client expressly agree to the following statement: I am fully aware of the dangers of motorcycling on and off paved roads.Participation in the trip at your own risk. I accept the fact that neither Algarve Offroad nor its representatives and alternates will be liable for personal injury, property damage and financial losses of any nature whatsoever, and also not for other disruptions due to force majeure. I am aware that Algarve Offroad is not responsible for the behavior of other participants in the group. I will keep the traffic regulations and rules on the group observe. I make sure my behavior I do not harm humans, nature or condition of my vehicle. I am basically healthy and meet the requirements set me on the tour. I am in possession of a valid motorcycle license. I am responsible for wearing appropriate protective clothing