Since 2007: Roundtrips, short trip or week tour.

The Algarve is divided in the “Barlavento” and “Sotavento”,translated it means “the western part” and “the Eastern Part”. We can cover all of the Barlavento in a week’s riding but to see the diversity of the entire Algarve we need a roundtrip going from place to place, spending the night in very different locations.

From Sagres to Mértola, from Monte Gordo to Vila Nova de Milfontes, we know all the interesting tracks & places. During the big roundtrip, the emphasis is on the changing landscapes, people & culture. The average daily distance is about 170 km.

Week tour

In the meantime we have done many roundtrips, and no tour was the same, everything depends on the customer and the time of year. It’s pure adventure, also for us.

In one week, all corners of the Algarve will be visited plus a part of the Alentejo. The Sotavento, the eastern Algarve, has a different landscape than the Barlavento. The many large rivers in the east, mostly dry in summer, remind us of Morocco. It is clearly dryer than the west side of the Algarve. This makes sense because two sides of the Barlavento are flanked by the Atlantic Ocean (west & south coast) which causes more rain and milder temperatures.

Week Tour Program

Arrival and departure day included, it’s a 8 day arrangement with 7 nights, 5 ½ days of riding on the fifth day an afternoon lazing on the beach.

Price: from € 1099.

3Day Tour.

The three-day has two main destinations: the area north of Loulé, Salir or around the area north of Odemira with the base of Alfredo and Tineke quinta near Colos: www.portelanova.com. By the way, the name of the town is slightly exaggerating the reality.

Price: from € 649.

General info:

  • Minimum 5 riders.
  • For the transportation of luggage, tools, spare bike and parts, our “Stretched Limo” will be used.
  • If the weather is nice and if appreciated, we can do a night of camping, we serve a barbecue and a breakfast. The camping spot is always near a river or lake so you can refresh yourself and have a swim, weather permitting.
  • Start and end point is always the home Mexilhoeira Grande.

* We can also offer tailor-made tours:; 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days of riding.

* The additional costs make the price slightly higher than a similar tour from Mexilhoeira Grande.