Mexilhoeira Grande, our home base,

4is the heart of the beautiful Barlavento, the western part of the Algarve. From our homebase we make trips to Sagres, Aljezur, São Teotónio, Santa Clara-a-Velha, Monchique, São Marcus da Serra, São Bartolomeu de Messines and Silves. Every destination has its own character with regard to the terrain and vegetation. The terrain is generally hilly with a hard rock surface to which you quickly get used to. Driving on the hard surface is much easier than driving in sand or mud. Close to the west coast you will find small areas with sand and pine trees. The two mountains flanking the town of Monchique consist of granite and there are many hundreds of terraces, dating back as much as 1000 year.

Beginner or experienced rider, a personal challenge is there for everyone. Close to our home-base we can already try to tackle a difficult slope. For the ones who do not feel up to do that, there is always an opportunity to drive around it.
On the way we can support the less experienced with advice. When appreciated we also teach and give extra exercises.

A typical day:
The Algarve Offroad-stretch limo will be in front of the hotel at the stroke of 09:00 (Deutsche pünktlichkeit).  A short drive brings you in 15 minutes to Mexilhoeira Grande and within 30 minutes we can be “off the road”.
Somewhere between 13:00 and 14:00 we reach the day’s destination where lunch is served in a typical portuguese restaurant. Of course we have to refuel as the content of one tank is not enough to bring us back home.
On average we cover around 150 to 170 km.
The aim is to be back home at 17:00 where we can enjoy a pint of lager and exchange stories.

A frequently asked question: “what are all these tracks for?
Well, to be honest, after all these years I still haven’t figured it out. I like to think they bulldozed all these tracks for my personal use. Anyway, there are enough routes to fill five days without ever having to ride the same trail twice.